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Recreation / Activities

Endeavor Place is located on five acres of natural surroundings. It offers a spacious and a safe environment that promotes an atmosphere of serenity vital for recovery. When participating in our recreational program residents develop new talents, improve social skills, communication skills and self-esteem, and improving the level of cooperation and trust. Endeavor Place offers on-site leisure activities as well as off-grounds therapeutic recreation.

Each resident participates in a structured recreation activity 7 days a week. The resident gains self-confidence through physical activity and recreation enhances the overall well-being of the resident. Mixing leisure and recreational activities with clinical elements of treatment is an essential ingredient for positive development. Residents learn how to use their community as a resource. Residents build self-esteem, coping skills and interpersonal skills as they try new activities such as sports and games, hiking, bocce ball, ladder golf, skiing/snowboarding, ROPES course, and community outings. 

Endeavor Place offers opportunities for residents to participate in community service and participate in community based activities such as bowling, swimming, and local high school sports games to connect residents with healthy alternatives to their prior activities. 

Challenge Course Program:
Residents at Endeavor Place, LLC participate in a Challenge Course Program. The challenge course program has three main components: Initiative games, Low elements, and High elements. All three components create a mentally, socially, and physically stimulating environment. The benefits to the challenge course include: problem solving, patience, perseverance, cooperation, integrity, courage, flexibility, decision making, trust, communication, creativity, self-awareness, goal setting, self-confidence, leadership, and many more.

These are activities that provide a group of residents the framework to become a stronger team. The group benefits by offering the individual a chance to develop new and enriched skills. Residents are asked to work together to accomplish many goals. Through the process of reaching their goals, the group learns how to cooperate, problem solve, think creatively, communicate effectively, and manage conflict. As the group progresses, an attitude of care, concern, and trust for each person overpowers the need for competition and rivalry.

Low Ropes: These activities often challenge physical agility, group cooperation, problem solving skills both individually and as a group.

High Ropes: 
These activities tend to focus on confronting one's fears, emotional self-management, self-confidence, and risk-taking, etc.

Weight Room:
The Endeavor Place weight room, which is located on the property, is a 600 square foot facility that was remodeled and completed by residents in 2007 with the assistance of a professional carpenter. The weight room is equipped with two weight benches for upper body fitness, free weights/dumb bells, tread mill, seated rowing machine, a stationary bike, ping pong table, and our stress reliever, the punching bag. The benefits of strength training/weight lifting are injury prevention, improved balance, flexibility, mobility and stability, and enhanced performance in sports. After a good work out residents feel satisfied and better about themselves which leads to improved self-esteem and increased self-confidence.