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The human-animal bond is strong. Animals can make a positive influence on our lives. It is unconditional love that animals provide to those that are in recovery. Dogs make wonderful companions and their never-ending love and companionship makes a positive impact on the lives of many.

Addie is our newest member of the Endeavor Place, LLC family.  She was adopted in August 9, 2018 from The Babinski Foundation in Pequot Lakes, MN. She has a great personality and is friendly, calm, outgoing and well trained. Addie lives in the facility and is available 24 hours a day to provide comfort or love. The resident's are responsible for the care of Addie. They feed, walk, train and groom her. Addie is used as part of the resident's therapy. She helps reduce tension, ease loneliness and helps reduce the frustration a resident may feel.  Everyone benefits from Addie- the resident's, the staff at the facility, and Addie herself.


6/26/2013 - 

R.I.P ANGEL 5/1/2003-6/25/2018

Angel was a canine member of Endeavor Place staff. She was adopted in June 2007 from the Human Society in Brainerd, MN

Pet Therapy

          R.I.P Mousey             01/2005-10/11/2015