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21539 120th Street Verndale, MN 56481

Endeavor Place provides opportunity for residents to participate in community service and volunteer work. Residents partake in a variety of service projects such as community events, helping with civic beautification projects, building projects, fencing, and playing bingo with the elderly. Residents get a sense of satisfaction and pride that come from helping others. Such experiences help them develop empathy for understanding of others. Endeavor Place gives opportunity to residents to do something selfless for someone. A wonderful, empowering message for adolescents is that they are important enough to have an impact on someone or something else. No matter how small the contribution, it provides a source of fulfillment and empowerment to them as individuals.

Volunteering is about giving your time, energy and skills freely. When residents commit their time and effort, the feeling of fulfillment can be endless. 

By volunteering, residents learn what it means to make and keep a commitment. They learn tolerance, how to fill idle time wisely, do their best, and be proud of the results. 

Community Service