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Endeavor Place offers an intensive continuum of care which includes daily weekday group and individual therapy sessions. The therapeutic components address physical, mental, and social aspects of recovery.

Group Therapy:
Each resident participates in a minimum of fifteen hours of group therapy weekly. These services are directed by a counselor and focus on issues identified on the individual treatment plan. Client's feedback, sharing, honest, constructive confrontations and self-disclosure in group are encouraged. Talking and admitting there is a problem is the gateway to recovery.

Individual Therapy:

Individual therapy sessions are a weekly component of the treatment process. Residents are asked to meet with counseling staff to address specific issues identified in the Individual Treatment Plan.  This is also time to discuss any concerns or behavioral issues regarding the resident. 

Treatment Plans:
Each resident receives a "Individual Treatment Plan". As a substance use disorder program, there are areas of commonality among the residents and their programming In addition, the treatment plan addresses specific needs of each resident based on reported information and assessment. 

Healthcare Awareness: 
These services are instructional lectures, group discussions, and tours which focus on a wide range of topics including life style changes, sex education, HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases, family planning, nutrition, literacy, smoking cessation, and vocational instruction. 

Relapse Prevention:
Relapse Prevention education shall be provided to each resident on a weekly bases. This transitional services is to help the resident integrate gains made during treatment into daily living and to reduce reliance on the counselors for support. 

Coping Skills:
This group address communication, assertiveness, self-esteem, anger management and relapse. 

Behavior Modification:
Endeavor Place uses positive reinforcement to decrease the probability of undesirable behavior and bring about desirable change. Positive reinforcement allows residents to grow more confident, self reliant and independent. Endeavor Place utilizes many different types of reinforcements such as Social, Activity, Tangible and Token Reinforcements.

Peer Groups:

We require clients to attend peer groups daily. These services are structured and peer-led groups which are topic and self-expression oriented. 

Community Building:
Community building services are provided to all clients as an integral part of the program. These services reflect our philosophy of bridging the gap between the group living experience and the community setting and includes activities such as client volunteer projects, and peer support. 

Living and Social Skills: 
Our living skills program is developed to help the resident learn basic skills necessary for independent living. These skills are learned through experience.  Residents will be taught life skills such as food management, housekeeping, personal appearance and hygiene, emergency and safety skills, knowledge of community resources, money management/consumer awareness, and health care awareness. 

Spiritual Enhancement:
The spiritual experience is based on the 12-step program. Upon the clients request spiritual enhancement will be gained through Church attendance and AA/NA meetings. A local clergy will be available to assist in the clients spiritual enhancement. Residents use a local clergy to complete their fifth step.


Services include vocational assessment and job readiness. 

Educational Services:
Residents will receive their educational needs at Staples Motley High School. Residents will also earn extra school credit through our residential program. 

Health care Services:
Healthcare services will be provided locally upon availability or may be referred to Baxter/Brainerd area.

Recreational Services:
Services include fitness and leisure activities. Residents work on cooperation with other residents, how to interact with their peers and learning how to have fun in healthy ways.

12 Step Programming:
Our experienced and licensed addiction counselors utilize the 12 Steps and other therapeutic philosophies to assist these young men. Residents attend a minimum of 4 AA or NA community based meetings weekly. 

Program Services